Nadim AliNadim S. Ali is a therapist and consultant from Atlanta, Ga. where he counsels, facilitates Stress Management, Pre-Marital, Couples Counseling, and Tai Chi sessions. 

He has been actively involved in educating individuals about the dangers of substance abuse, HIV and Hepatitis prevention, and has counseled both adolescents and adult clients.

Mr. Ali has presented to conferences in the U.S. and in the Middle East on the topics of Substance Abuse, domestic violence, and conflict resolution. He has also used alternative methods such as Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese slow motion exercise, as an intervention for the treatment of addiction and stress, and anger management.

Mr. Ali has a Bachelors degree in Communications from Shippensburg State University and a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from the Georgia School for Professional Psychology. He has worked in the human service field since 1977.  He has a strong interest in helping people overcome the psychological and spiritual blockages that contribute to individual and relationship dysfunctions. 

Mr. Ali helps couples identify destructive patterns that infect healthy relationships. He helps adolescents get over the hump of life called adolescence, and help them to navigate life without drugs and alcohol, and other dysfunctional behaviors. Mr. Ali also helps people identify the underlying causes of anger, and impart skills to increase emotional intelligence.  He also specializes in relapse prevention to help recovering people attain, and maintain sobriety.